Working with Direct Mail Marketing Companies

Working with Direct Mail Marketing Companies

Small businesses have a unique challenge when it comes to marketing. They often don’t have a dedicated marketing department and most likely need to get the most they can out of a marketing manager or marketing director.
That’s where supporting companies come in. Small businesses usually employ other agencies, such as digital marketing agencies, branding agencies, and direct mail marketing agencies.
Working with a direct mail marketing agency, you can include direct mail marketing in your marketing strategy. Often referred to as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a company that specializes in this work is going to help you get the biggest return on your investment.

FAQs About Direct Mail Marketing

Who can help me with my direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing or EDDM is often managed by local print shops. If there’s a local shop in your area that helps with other business printing, there’s a good chance they also do direct mail marketing.

How do I create a mail piece to send?

To create a mailer, you’d need to either go online and find a suitable template (we don’t recommend doing this) or working with a graphic designer. Similar to the above, a lot of print companies that would specialize in EDDM also offer supporting services, like graphic design.

Who will design and print my mailer?

This is really up to you and who you want to work with, but a local printing company can usually assist with the graphic design and printing part. They’ll help you define the quality of the print piece and make sure it’s impactful.

Is EDDM cost effective?

The cost effectiveness of an EDDM campaign will depend on a few things. What is your total budget? What are your goals? What is your average cost per lead? Once you determine the answers to those questions, you can define what would be cost effective for your business. It varies by industry, but in most cases, we find that EDDM mailers usually offer a great cost-per-lead.

What is the response rate of EDDM campaigns?

In several surveys we’ve read, nearly 70% of people who receive a mailer take action on it.

Who does the printing and mailing?

The direct mail marketing company usually handles the printing and mailing for you. Once you define your desired zip code, they can mail postcards for you. They also can provide the mailing list, so you just approve the design and where it needs to go. They do the rest. USPS also has online tools to help you map out your target audience.

How to Choose a Direct Mail Marketing Company

There are several online tools available to run an EDDM campaign, but you are going to find the most success if you work with a local direct mail marketing company to help you with your campaign. A local EDDM company can do the following:

  • Offer a fast turnaround time – depending on the size and scope of your EDDM campaign, your mail company will be able to move your project along quickly. If you allow them to manage the design, printing, and final mailing, their marketing experts will get it along fast.
  • Customer service – most small businesses owners can become overwhelmed when thinking about running an EDDM campaign. Working with a local direct mail marketing company will help make the process easy, simple, and stress-free. They’ll walk you through the process and ensure all boxes are checked before launching your campaign.
  • Quality mailers – mail advertising needs to be treated with care and you need to send high quality materials. Get the most out of your marketing campaign and hire a full service printing company that can help you send quality, noticeable, materials.

Monarch Graphics & Printing - A Local Direct Mail Marketing Company

We are a full-service print company offering direct mail marketing and EDDM services. We’ve been in the printing business for over 40 years, and we offer a full suite of printing services:
• Posters
• Signs (alongside FASTSIGNS)
• Brochures
• EDDM postcards
• EDDM mailing
• Rack cards
• Business cards
• And more!

We offer printing and EDDM services in 2 locations.
Bonita Springs & Naples, Florida – located at 28440 Old 41 Road, Suite 6, Bonita Springs, FL 34135. Just south of Bonita Beach Road and north of the Collier County line. The phone number to our Bonita Springs office is (239) 221-8998.
Central Islip (Long Island, NY) – located at 1065 Islip Ave, Central Islip, NY 11722. Located just south of I-495. The phone number to our Long Island office is (631) 232-1300.

Bonita Springs/Naples Office

Address: 28440 Old 41 Rd #6, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Phone: (239) 221-8998

Central Islip/Long Island Office

Address: 1065 Islip Ave, Central Islip, NY, 11722

Phone: (631) 232-1300.