What is EDDM Printing and EDDM Marketing?

What is EDDM Printing and EDDM Marketing

EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is a service that the United States Post Office offers to businesses to make it easy to target customers in a specific zip code. You can even check the routes with this USPS online tool.

It’s a great way for small businesses to connect with customers in a specific local area. Good candidates for Every Door Direct Mail include:

  • Restaurants
  • Medical offices (dentists, primary care physicians, etc.)
  • Banks
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail
  • Realtors
  • Attorneys

These businesses all rely heavily on local businesses, which is what EDDM is meant to target.

Many might say that print marketing or direct mail marketing is dead, but it’s still an important element of your marketing mix.

FAQs about Every Door Direct Mail

As a small business owner, it probably seems overwhelming to think about mailing thousands of EDDM postcards to various zip codes. Here are some of the most common questions answered about EDDM. There is also more information about the process on the USPS website.

Do I need a mailing list?

No! If you work with a local print shop that specializes in EDDM, they can handle where your postcards are mailed.

What is the postcard size for EDDM?

The standard postcard sizes can range from these sizes: 4.25 x 10.625, 4.25 x 15, 6.25 x 9 and 6 x 11. Most successful EDDM campaigns have larger pieces. You can use use rack cards.

How successful are EDDM campaigns?

According to recent surveys, around 70% of consumers will take immediate action upon receiving an EDDM piece in the mail.

Who designs EDDM mailers?

Typically, if you are working with an EDDM company, they will work with you on the design as well. Or, you’re able to use your own designs.

What content should I include on my mailer?

We recommend including the following content:

  • A bold headline
  • A strong and clear call-to-action
  • Contact information (your website, phone number, and address)

Tips for Running a Successful EDDM Campaign

There’s a lot that goes into running an EDDM campaign, but if you work with a local print shop that specializes in EDDM, they can help you make the most out of your budget. Below are some tips for running a successful EDDM campaign.

Send High Quality Mailers

You will want to make sure that your mailer sticks out above the rest. To do that, you’ll need to make sure that the quality of the paper is right.

  • Use 14 pt paper
  • Opt for spot UV coated EDDM postcards. This is a clear varnish that is applied to specific areas of the postcard to give it more dimension.

Create a Design that Converts

Before running your EDDM campaign, you’ll want to think about what your goals are. Here are a few common goals for EDDM campaigns:

  • Increase foot traffic
  • Increase phone calls (if you plan to increase phone calls, we recommend using call tracking to create a new number just for that campaign – this helps with reporting the success of the campaign)
  • Promote a new service
  • Run a holiday promotion
  • Get traffic to your website

How you define your goal will help guide you in your mailer design. Here are a few tips for designing an EDDM piece:

  • Make your call-to-action large and easy to see
  • Include a bold headline introducing your business
  • Make your contact information large and noticeable – this includes your phone number, address, and website URL
  • Don’t make the postcard design too busy – try to keep it clean and simple so that your customers know what you want them to do.

Create a Follow-Up Campaign

If your goal was to get traffic to your website, we highly recommend creating a custom landing page for that campaign.

Doing so will allow you to track the success of that mailer and then run retargeting ads that visit your website. This helps to extend the life of your campaign to longer than just reaching a customer’s mailbox.

Work with a Local EDDM Company

If you do a quick Google search about EDDM mailings, you’ll see a lot of content about creating and sending your own EDDM postcards online. However, this might not be the best approach – especially if it’s your first time running an Every Door Direct Mail campaign.

A local EDDM printing company can assist you with all of the above topics: sending high-quality mailers, creating a design that converts and can help you with the entire process to make it less stressful overall.

Monarch Graphics & Printing: Offering EDDM Printing & Mailers

Monarch Graphics & Printing company that specializes in commercial printing and EDDM mailers.

We serve businesses in 2 locations:

We help small businesses send EDDM mailers to their desired zip codes and make the process as easy as possible. Our customer service is what sets us apart from the rest and we take pride in making this process simple.

We’ll help you execute a successful EDDM campaign and can assist with each step:

  • EDDM postcard/mailer design
  • EDDM mailer printing
  • EDDM sending

Call us today at (239) 221-8998 to reach our Bonita Springs office or call us at (631) 232-1300 to reach our Central Islip/Long Island office.

Additional Printing Services

In addition to EDDM, we also offer the following printing services:

  • Business cards
  • Table tents
  • Door hangers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Signage (through FASTSIGNS)
  • Graphic design
  • And more!

We take pride in being a one-stop shop for our clients’ printing and direct mail marketing needs.

Call us today to get a free estimate on your print project.


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