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Industries That Can Get the Most ROI on Direct Mail

By Admin | Feb 02, 2021 | EDDM

While obtaining your ideal consumer’s attention can be challenging, tracking their responses is even more difficult. Luckily, direct mail marketing is a proven and effective way of sending your message directly to your target prospects.

The downside? Most industries believe that direct mailing is dead. Although various statistics say otherwise, organizations fail to employ direct mailing as an effective marketing strategy.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the industries that would best benefit from working with direct mail marketing companies.

How Direct Mail Marketing Works

An in-depth study shows that in 2018, the average response rate for direct mail spiked up to 4.9% for prospect lists. If done right, direct mail is a timely and cost-effective way to expedite sales. But how do you create a successful campaign? It depends on these 3 major components:

  1. A well-defined target audience. You probably have a clear image of who your customers are; the next step is to narrow down where they are most likely to live. You can do so by selecting zip codes most relevant to your target audience’s demographics.
  2. An enticing offer. Offer your prospects something they can be excited about. Make sure it is tempting yet useful to ensure increased sales and, ultimately, higher ROI.
  3. An attractive and creative design. To generate a sale, first, you must grab your consumers’ attention. Utilize vibrant colors, photos, and typography to captivate your prospect.

Working with direct mail marketing companies can help you reach more customers. They have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction and design marketing materials that will best represent your business.

Industries That Can Benefit from Direct Mail


For consumers, the large number of restaurants means more options. However, for business, it means more competition. And in a world of endless choices, consumers are often flooded with information and restaurants need to turn to advertising to stand out.

Typically, they first start with costly options such as running TV ads or printing on a large scale. Unfortunately, small businesses often lack that kind of budget. That’s where sending direct mail promotion comes in handy to attract local customers. From offering coupons to enthralling limited time offers, restaurants can increase engagement and incentivize people to come back.

Not to mention, extensive research shows that 75% of customers are motivated to try a place because of special offers. It means direct mail ads are a great way to attract new customers.

Medical Offices

Medical offices from dentists to therapists, rely solely on scheduled appointments to ensure better consistency and revenue. Direct mail allows them to craft personalized messages to potential patients in their local area.

It also allows medical offices to send exclusive offers to potential patients in their target area. Examples of exclusive offers include:

  • First cleaning free (for dentists)
  • First free massage (for massage therapists)
  • Free consultation (for any medical office)

Sending direct mail to your local target market is also a good way to let them know your office is ready to take on new patients.

Service Industries

Businesses in the service industry, like mechanics and electricians, can also benefit from direct mail marketing. With no tangible product, it often becomes challenging to set themselves apart. However, sending prospects direct mail ads acts as a physical reminder that their business exists for any service a customer might need.

Combine a tempting call-to-action with a limited time incentive, and it will drive a higher number of prospects.

Get Started with Direct Mailing

Working with direct mail marketing companies can help you boost your sales and ROI. If you are looking to work with a local company in SWFL or Long Island, contact Monarch Graphics! We have more than 40 years in the industry and we guarantee a fast turnaround with excellent customer service.

Request an estimate today on your next marketing project or contact us with any questions you have!


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