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New Growth with Equipment Upgrades

By Stefani Wirth | Apr 10, 2019 | Equipment

Monarch Graphics signs a contract with Zund America to purchase a second new G3 L-2500 Flatbed CNC Cutter and update their existing one.

Monarch Graphics will be taking delivery on a brand new Zund G3 L-2500 CNC Cutter and well as updating an existing one. Robert Haller, President of Monarch Graphics, says that this will be the first CNC cutter installed at our NY location. This will give Monarch Graphics the opportunity to have a CNC Cutter located in both their Florida and New York locations.  In addition to assisting the Florida location, New York will now be able to expand the products and services it offers locally to it’s customers. Since Co-Branding with FASTSIGNS nearly 4 years ago we have been relying on the Florida location to produce the work that required the use of this type of equipment. “We should now be able to service our market better by offering these services in-house” says Terje Egelandsdal, who has worked for Monarch Graphics for over 25 years.

Some of the new features that are included in the Florida upgrade, is an overhead camera that can capture the image of the job needing to be cut and through the use of a QR code queue, look up the job and start cutting it automatically. This feature alone will increase Monarch’s productivity nearly 50%. In addition, the router will be upgraded to include both an automatic bit changer and an oil cooled system used when routing metal such as aluminum. The router will also be equipped with a diamond polishing bit that will be used to polish the edges of acrylic. A software upgrade is also included that will make cutting small labels and decals much easier.

Some of the products that can be produced on this machine are:

  • Custom shape plastic, wood, and metal signs
  • Vinyl decals
  • Window, wall, and floor graphics
  • Boxes and other custom POS items
  • Engraved and routed acrylics
  • Routed HDU signs
  • and so much more!

Some of the tools Monarch Graphics have available are:

  • A drag knife tools for cutting paper, cardboard, vinyl, and plastic.
  • A kiss cut tool for cutting decals, vinyl and static clings.
  • A V-cut tool for cutting plastic so it can be bent or folded.
  • Electric and pneumatic oscillating tools for cutting foamboard and heavy corrugated substrates.
  • Two types of scoring tools for scoring plastic, paper, cardboard, and corrugated substrates.
  • A perforating tool which will help in the manufacturing of boxes and POS displays.
  • A pen tool that will be used to draw mounting patterns for signage.
  • An oil cooled router which can be use to route and engrave.

This year Monarch Graphics is celebrating our 40th anniversary in business. We started as a letterpress shop using lead type in 1979. Since then the business has transformed a number of times. We went from letterpress to offset and offset to digital. Now we are transforming from putting an image on paper to imaging many other types of materials. In 2015, we co-branded with FASTSIGNS and placed a FASTSIGNS center in each of our locations to help us expand the products and services we offer our customers. We are excited for these new additions and look forward to many more!

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