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Preparing Your 2022 Print Materials

By Admin | Nov 20, 2021 | Print Products

2022 is fast approaching, does your business have all your print material ready for the new year? Work with a local printing company to update your printed material, stock up on the basics, and maybe even try something new!

Getting Updated Before You Are Outdated

Don’t start 2022 with 2021 marketing material! Make sure you get all your printed material updated before the new year rolls around. You don’t want to show up at any event and hand your customers outdated information, especially if it’s as obvious as the wrong year printed front and center on your marketing material.

Stock Up on The Basics

Take a good look at all the printed material you used in 2021 and plan for what you’ll need in 2022. If a lot of them can be printed now, group them in the same order. It might help you save on set-up fees and the total price if the quantity is large enough. Ask your local printing company for any deals they have going on if you plan to complete several projects with them.

Monarch Graphics can help you stock up on the basics like brochures, posters, catalogs, and more. We will be happy to review your order to best help you figure out the best quantity and options for the most optimal pricing.

Constant Improvement

It’s not just about how much printed material you use, it’s also about how effective that material is! Analyze the return on investment (ROI) for each type of print material you used in 2021 and come up with a strategy to increase that ROI for the coming year! Monarch Graphics has in-house graphic designers that can help you convey your company’s vision more effectively to your customers.

Think Outside the Box

Try something new this year to increase sales! For example, you could create a sleek, well-designed, high-quality mailer to send out for the New Year to show appreciation to your current clients. Or send a holiday card to your target audience with promotions, deals or updates of things going on this upcoming year.

The team at Monarch Graphics will be happy to help set you up with printing and direct mail marketing services to meet your 2022 sales goals! We serve customers in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida as well as in Long Island, New York! Ready to get started? Request an estimate today!



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