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Tips for Designing & Printing Effective Rack Cards

By Admin | Oct 07, 2019 | Print Marketing

Each form of print material has its own purpose – from flyers, to brochures, to stationery – they each have a time and place where they are best to use.

In today’s business world, rack cards are one of the most concise, effective, and affordable marketing tools to put information into the hands of your customers. Rack cards are used for several purposes, including company overviews and introductions, sales and event promotions, specific product information, and more.

The standard rack card design is 4” x 9” and should be designed to easily catch the attention of your reader. To make great rack cards, you must convey your message on limited space through combined content and design.

Here are a few tips and tricks to design effective rack cards.

Use Colors That Grab Attention

The hardest challenge with rack cards is getting someone to pick one up. They are often placed somewhere to be picked up rather than directly distributed like mailers or flyers. A great way to make your pop out is through using colors that will grab attention. We’ve previously written about how you can use color to influence consumer behavior and convey your brand, so consider what kind of message you want to get across and utilize those in your design.

Include A Call to Action

In making your rack card beneficial to your audience, you should include a benefit for them. Whether it’s a “free consultation” in a service business, or “buy one get one free” if you’re selling products, figure out some way you can give them an incentive to want to learn more about your business. Think of a way to display the call to action towards the top of the card and be displayed prominently enough to catch their eye.

Be Focused with Content

On a rack card, the space for content is limited. So, you should be very focused and strategic with what content you chose to include.

Be clear about the specific message you want to convey, the type of customer you are trying to reach, and clearly define the subject of your content. Once you have narrowed your focus, try to write the most concise and effective copy you can to get your message across.

Include Your Business Information

If someone comes across your rack card and wants to learn more about the business, you want them to be able to easily find you. Be sure to include contact information like your business phone number, address, email, and website so they can get in touch with you to find more information.

Use Effective Printing Techniques

The design and content of your rack card is important, but how it’s printed could be the difference in its effectiveness. Using a qualified local printing company, high-quality paper and ink will make your rack card stand out against the competition and show a level of professionalism to your customers.

Work with A Professional Printing Company

Taking on any print project can be a difficult undertaking for someone not experienced in print marketing. By working with a professional printing company with 40 years of experience and top of the line equipment, you can get the best results for printing rack cards or any print materials.

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