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Tips for Defining your Target Audience for your EDDM Campaign

By Admin | Jan 13, 2022 | EDDM

Looking to launch an EDDM campaign for your Naples business but you’re not quite sure who you should be targeting with your campaign? Not to worry, here are some tips to help you define your target audience!

What Is a Target Audience?

Before we discuss how to define your target audience, let’s discuss what a target audience is and why it’s worth your time to identify them. Your target audience is the population most likely to buy your product.

The reason you want to figure out the type of person most likely to buy your product is because marketing to them will increase your return on investment. By finding and directly targeting this audience with your marketing material, you’ll become more effective in landing sales!

Take a Look at Your Current Customers

The first step in defining your target audience is to look at your current customer base. What do the majority of your customers have in common? You may look at obvious characteristics like their age and gender. But it’s also helpful to dig a little deeper!

Are your current customers largely in the same stage of life? For example, starting a family or preparing for retirement. Do they have similar interests such as interior decorating, participating in outdoor sports or keeping up with the latest fashion trends? Other commonalities may include the language your customers speak, the area they live in or their income level.

Pay Attention to Feedback

A great way to dig deeper into finding your target audience is by reading the reviews of the products you sell. When people leave positive reviews, what do they highlight? This can show you what your customers value and which parts of your message appeal to them. For example, if customers repeatedly say they love that your products are all-natural, you might consider targeting your marketing materials to people who are interested in sustainable and natural products.

What’s The Competition Doing?

If you are struggling to pinpoint your target audience, look at your competition. Figuring out who your competition is targeting will not only give you a general idea of your target audience but also could help you find a niche in that target audience that the competition hasn’t found.

For example, maybe your competition is targeting middle-aged women who tend to be interested in buying all-natural products. But they aren’t specifically targeting new mothers, which you notice may be a “niche” within your customer base that you could directly target with your marketing!

I Know My Target Audience, Now What?

Once you’ve identified your target audience, Monarch Graphics can help design an EDDM campaign that appeals to that audience. We have in-house graphic designers that can collaborate with you to understand your vision and help you convey the message you want to your customers. Then, we’ll print your EDDM materials using high-quality material and colors that stand out!

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