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Vistaprint Online Printing vs. Local Printing Company

By Admin | Nov 02, 2020 | Print Products

When looking for printing services, you may resort to choosing an online print shop like Vistaprint over a local printing company. Here we will discuss why this can turn out to be a bad decision and why relying on a local printing company is a better choice.


Vistaprint is an online printing service, with thousands of customers each day. It has to respond to multiple customers, which can get operationally challenging. This makes them more likely to compromise on the quality of the print materials due to overburdening of orders.

There is also a chance they misinterpret directions and deliver material that is not up to your expectations. With a local printing company, you will closely be working with the staff. This will facilitate communication on the changes you want to make to your print material. It will simply be harder to convey exactly what you want over the internet.

Customer Service

Your local printing company can provide you the customer service that is often nonexistent when getting printing services online. The reliance on real-life interactive commitment is unlike any uncertain promises made on the internet.

Local printing services provide you with customer care that treats you with importance and makes you feel secure about the turnout of your printing material. They will also relate more to you if you have a special order and go beyond expectations if necessary.

Relationship with Designer

An in-house local printing service provides you with the benefits of directly being in contact with the designer. Most likely, you will not get this type of in-depth consultation about your print material when ordering online.

Your local designer will explain to you the complexities of precise technical specifications about the printing. This will be valuable so you understand how it will affect your print material.

Your local designer will also provide you with recommendations on your material that will enhance their design and final look. This sort of relationship and consultation services are harder to get when ordering material from places like Vistaprint.

Looking for A Local Printing Company?

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