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5 Most Popular Printed Marketing Materials

By Admin | Jul 07, 2020 | Print Marketing

Printed marketing materials can make an everlasting impression on your prospects and customers. It helps your business create brand awareness since people can hold on to them for months or even years. How many times have you kept a booklet because you found it helpful or visually appealing?

Printed materials can help you engage others and create an impact on them. According to a study by Temple University, people engage more with paper advertisements compared to a digital advertisement. With so many brands advertising online, it is common for viewers to be less responsive to it. The study also found that paper advertisements provoked greater emotional response and retention.

Now that you know why printed marketing materials are important to solidify your marketing strategy, we will cover the 5 most popular printed materials that will get your business in front of your customers.


Company brochures are one of the most used materials among businesses. It is a great way to deliver a summary of who you are and what you specialize in. You can provide detailed information about your products and services and aid the customer to have a better understanding.

Brochures have many uses. They can have information about an event you are hosting, or a cause your business is invested in. Regardless of what information you decide to have on them, they provide a quick guide to a topic you care about.


Banners can help you create brand awareness through visual advertisements. They can be used to announce new or existing products and services, promotions, or any company information important for the customer. They create exposure and interest in your brand since they are continuously exposing your brand to people.

Another benefit of having banners is their cost-efficiency. They do not require extensive setup and can be easily designed and printed by your local print shop. They are more economical than other traditional advertisements such as TV ads, press releases, and newspaper ads.


Unlike brochures, booklets tend to provide more in-depth information about a topic. They can be used to show all the features of a specific product, with details on how they are manufactured and such. They can also offer an overview of all the products and services you provide with their major component.

As with any printed marketing material, the design is key to catch the eye of your customers. Make sure you have pictures and other visual components available for your designer, so they don’t turn out bland.


Posters can repeatedly remind customers about a specific event or a product offer. They reach a broader audience compared to other smaller printing materials like flyers and brochures. They stay up for weeks or even months while a flyer can be easily thrown away.

Posters can communicate important business information to customers without them having to search for this information elsewhere. When they are eye-catching, they are more likely to be noticed and to inspire people to act on it.


Postcards are very affordable to print and can be versatile. They can be used to offer discounts and promotions to customers, ask them for referral business, or invite them to an event your business is hosting. Postcards can also be used as informational sheets and handouts when not mailed.

It is very easy to track its success. All you need to do is include a code so customers can use it to redeem a special discount either online or in-store. Once they bring the postcard instore or input that code on your website you will be able to see how much business you are getting from them.

Work with A Local Print Shop

For printed marketing materials to be most effective, you have to work with an experienced print shop offering high-quality materials that best portray your design.

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