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Is Print Marketing Dead?

By Robert Haller | Mar 15, 2022 | Print Marketing

Does print marketing seem like a marketing strategy of the past? This mentality can be losing you big business— because print marketing is alive and well. Your local print shop can help you connect with unreached target markets, increase your sales, and boost your credibility with tried and true print marketing materials! Here’s how.

Connect With Unreached Target Markets

If your competitors aren’t using print marketing, then that’s all the more reason you should! You’ll successfully be reaching audiences that your competitors have failed to reach. And you might be surprised by the demographics of the target audiences most influenced by print marketing. For example, 62% of millennials in a USPS survey said they had visited a store in the past month based on information received in the mail.

Trust The Numbers

There are plenty of statistics out there to prove just how effective print marketing is! Print marketing can help increase your sales, create a heightened interest about your business and boost your credibility.

Find A Print Marketing Strategy That Works for You

Print marketing is alive and well but that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be successful if you don’t use it effectively. The best way to ensure your business’s print marketing strategy is successful is to work with your local print shop in developing targeted solutions to help you reach your goals.

Each item printed by your local print shop serves a different purpose! Brochures, booklets, rack cards, catalogs, postcards, and posters are all examples of print materials you may want to consider for your marketing campaign.

Well-designed print materials will make a huge difference in boosting your credibility and well targeted direct mail marketing can have a large impact on your sales numbers.

Ready to get started creating an effective and successful print marketing campaign for your business? Monarch Graphics is excited to support you every step of the way from designing your products to printing and mailing them out! Give us a call today to learn more!

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