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3 Questions to Ask a Local Printing Company

By Admin | Mar 09, 2021 | Print Marketing

Choosing your primary printing company is a decision that you should not make haphazardly. Your print material can prove to be crucial for your business’s success as it affects your credibility. Therefore, its quality should be a clear representation of your brand’s identity.

Since print material is deeply tied to the marketability of your business, you must take all precautions before hiring a local printing company. In this blog, we will discuss three important questions you need to ask to make sure the job is done right.

Question No: 1 – Can You Show Me a Few Samples of Your Previous Work?

Before you sign-up with a local printing company, you need to make sure they have experience. The best way to judge that is by looking at their previous work. Doing so, you can get a better idea of their print quality.

Asking for samples allows you to inspect the printing company’s materials closely and help you decide if the company offers what you are looking for. It will show you if they have experience working with businesses in your industry or if they would be able to provide you with the marketing materials you are looking to create.

Local print companies with vast experience will not only produce quality material but also offer campaign ideas that enhance your business. They know what works best and can give you advice on the design, color, materials, and more. So, make sure you look at their portfolio as well to best get an idea of what they can bring to the table.

Question No:2 – What is Your Average Turnaround Time?

The biggest concern when collaborating with a local printing company is turnaround time. Make sure you inquire about their processes so you have a better idea of how long it would take for a project to be completed.

A good indicator of good turnaround time is positive customer feedback on platforms like Google or Facebook. Customers tend to express their satisfaction with quick, high-quality services, so it is highly recommended to read their reviews.

Question No: 3 – Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A local printing company that offers guarantees shows that the company is committed to customer satisfaction. It also shows that the company takes ownership of its work and is willing to pay the damages due to its shortcomings.

Although communication between the client and the designer minimizes any chances of mishaps, there is always a possibility of errors. If the company does not offer a complete money-back guarantee, discuss how they handle mistakes on the print or other conflicts.

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