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Monarch Graphics Now Offers In-House Spiral Binding

By Admin | Sep 20, 2018 | Binding

Monarch Graphics is happy to announce we now offer in-house spiral binding at both of our locations in
Bonita Springs, Florida and Central Islip, New York. Spiral binding is just one of the many bookbinding
methods Monarch Graphics offers to their customers. If you’re interested in using spiral binding on your
next print marketing project, learn more about the benefits here.


What is Spiral Binding?

Spiral Binding (also known as coil binding) is a bookbinding method that uses a durable plastic coil that
is shaped like a long spring. The coil is twisted through small holes along the edge of the book’s cover
and, then crimped at the ends to stay in place.


Benefits of Spiral Binding

The main benefit of choosing a spiral bind for your project is maximized productivity as it allows your
pages to open to a full 360 degrees and the pages will turn easily while staying in place. This lets an open
book to fold back on itself yet still remain flat, so it stays open for easy reference yet can take up
minimal space on a desk or table. It also prevents information from getting buried in a book’s spine.
Because of the variety of coils available, spiral binding can accommodate low and high page counts. For
us at Monarch Graphics, this capability in-house provides faster turnaround time for our clients. Our
new coil binding equipment is made to efficiently handle any size project with quick turn-around times.


What Can You Use Spiral Binding For?

Because of the full 360-degree view that spiral binding provides, spiral binding is good for just about
any book printing you may need. Specifically, spiral binding is
typically used for:
Sales Presentations
Portfolios Proposals
Quarterly or yearly reports
Employee manuals
Maintenance Guides


More About Monarch Graphics

Monarch Graphics is a full-service printing and graphic design company with locations in Bonita Springs,
Florida and Central Islip, New York. We offer graphic design, full-service print, mail, and marketing
services for any of your businesses needs. Stationery, booklets, catalogs, invitations, and mailings are
just some of the services Monarch Graphics has to offer. Monarch Graphics has also co-branded with
FASTSIGNS and maintains a fully functional FASTSIGNS Center at each location to help customers with
their signage needs. Our greatest resources are our people. Monarch Graphics employees about 20
people with ¾ of them having more than 15 years of service with the company, and equipment. – by
staying on top of the latest technology and purchasing the latest equipment, we can produce a wide
range of products efficiently, providing the best solutions for our customers’ needs. If you are interested in
our services in Florida or New York contact us today!

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