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Exhibiting Made Simple – Tips for Trade Show Printing

By Admin | May 04, 2020 | Print Marketing

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way for your company to meet current customers face-to-face, draw in new prospects, and build up your brand image and recognition.

In certain industries, trade shows are the core of your company’s marketing initiatives and are your main source of acquiring customers and keeping your business thriving.

Preparing your print marketing materials and display for exhibiting at a trade show will make all the difference in helping your company see results and get a good return on investment. Here are our tips for print marketing and trade shows.

Design Eye-Catching Signage

The first step to being successful at a trade show is to have eye-catching signage and displays that will make your potential customers want to approach your booth. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to having the right signage, but whatever design and display you choose, you should have something that immediately explains your company’s purpose.

If someone is walking through an exhibit hall, you want them to be able to understand what your company does from afar and catch their eye.

Create Takeaway Collateral

Before you go to the trade show you need to define your goal, whether it’s to acquire new customers, grow your brand image, or to upsell and engage existing customers. It’s important to have takeaway collateral that you can give away at your booth that explains your company’s services and helps you reach your goal.

Whether it’s a flyer, rack card, brochure, catalog or magazine, choose the right printed material that will get your message across and your target audience will have to hold onto. Be sure to include your company’s website, social media, and contact information.

Choose the Right Swag

Promotional materials or “swag” are a great way to attract people to your booth and also get them to remember your business.

It’s important to choose the right promotional materials for your target audience. At any conference, people will probably be taking notes or carrying papers, so any kind of notepads, pens or folders are always great. If you are in a B2B industry, think of things that can be used around the office like mouse pads or USB drives.

Stock Up on Business Cards

Business cards are important to have on hand for any kind of networking, but before a trade show it’s important to stock up and make sure you have enough on hand. You should have a stack of business cards available at your booth for anyone to grab as they walk by and also be sure to hand them out to anyone you speak to. A great trade show tip is to do some kind of giveaway in exchange for business cards, so you can drop your card in as many of those you see to engage with other exhibitors in your industry.

Double Your Supply

For any print marketing and promotional materials, you ultimately decide to print to your trade show, we recommend doubling the supply you expect you’ll need. For example, if you think you’ll need 200 brochures, we recommend printing 400 – because we’ve seen that you usually need more print collateral than you think you need.

Any leftover print materials can always be used at your next trade show or used for other purposes, but you don’t want to run out.

Work with A Professional Commercial Printing Company

The best way to be successful at a trade show is to have high-quality print materials that reflect your brand’s messaging with a consistent design.

A great way to achieve this is working with a print marketing company that has expertise in trade show marketing that can apply their knowledge of print to your company’s goals.

Monarch Graphics is a professional print marketing company with locations in Bonita Springs, Florida and Central Islip, New York with over 40 years of experience in the print industry that can help you with everything you need for your next trade show. To get started, request an estimate today!

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