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Going Beyond Business Cards: Print Essentials for Your Naples Business

By Admin | Apr 27, 2021 | Print Marketing

When you think of services at a Naples print shop, your first thought may be business cards. But that is only a fraction of the services they can provide!

You may even think business cards are the only printed material you need, but that is not the case. A study by Temple University shows that people engage more with paper advertisements compared to digital advertisements.

A Naples print shop can offer you all of that. From catalogs and trifold brochures to booklets and posters, all these printed materials can improve your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at a few must-have marketing materials you can get from your local print shop.

Print Essentials to Draw Customers’ Attention


If you are looking for new customers, postcards can be a great way to find them! Mail postcards with discount offers, info on sales events, and other promotional offers to increase your store foot traffic or your online sales. We discuss the benefits of EDDM postcard printing in one of our latest blogs.

Banners and Posters

If you are planning an event or looking to quickly catch a customer’s attention, consider posters and banners. A well-made banner or poster can give your company a competitive edge, enticing customers to learn more.

Use them to announce a new product or highlight an existing service. Then, when customers ask for more information, you can have a brochure or booklet ready to present!

Print Essentials to Explain Your Services

Trifold brochures

If you are looking for clear and concise marketing material to best explain your services and use them in different settings, tri-fold brochures are what you are looking for. They are versatile; you can bring them to a tradeshow, place them in racks around town or hand them to clients after meetings.

They are effective when presenting information to prospects, as they have just enough space to briefly explain products or services without overwhelming them. Overall, they are a quick and affordable promotional tool.


To allow for more in-depth information about a product or service, consider a booklet. With booklets, you can organize information to showcase them and promote your business to customers. These can include pictures and information on the different product features or add-ons or highlight certain capabilities and services you offer.


Even more in-depth than booklets, catalogs allow customers to visualize their options and imagine what your services will provide for them. Catalogs are a great way to let the customer get an idea of everything you offer and discuss with you which products work best for them and why.

These are best suited for businesses that offer a wide variety of product lines or services.

Work with Monarch Graphics

If you are looking for a Naples print shop, contact Monarch Graphics! We are located on Old 41 Rd and service clients in Naples, North Naples, and Bonita Springs. With our design services, fast turnaround time, and excellent customer service, we can guarantee your print materials will best complement your business goals.

Contact us today or request an estimate of your next project to get started!

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